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TM850 Trailed Mower

TM850 Trailed Mower
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Product Description

The TM850 allows you to mow many acres with lower horsepower. With its patent-pending, self-aligning driveline system, this heavy-duty trailed mower delivers smooth operation in all tongue positions, enabling it to be easily maneuvered around obstacles in the field. The TM850 also delivers smooth ground-hugging flotation and control, thanks to its nitrogen-charged hydraulic suspension system.

Features and benefits
Heavy-duty design featuring 6" (15.2 cm) formed steel tubing evenly distributes loading and reduces stress levels in harsh mowing conditions.
Self-aligning driveline ensures smooth, easy mowing around obstacles at all tongue angles.
High-density polyethylene hood minimizes debris build-up
Quick-Clip® blade retention system enables you to reverse or replace blades in seconds.
Enables you to mow more with less horsepower.

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