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MDS .1 Series

MDS .1 Series
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Product Description

Consistent and Efficient Spreading

The KUHN MDS range of fertilizer spreaders offers a simple and integrated solution for a diversity of operations. This includes specialized crops, such as vineyards, orchards and vegetables, as well as row crop and livestock farms.

KUHN MDS .1 Series fertilizer spreaders are well suited for professional use in vineyards, orchards, hops and vegetable fields. The MDS .1 Series offers operators long working life and low maintenance. This MDS fertilizer spreaders feature the Direct Flow Control (DFC) system for easy adjustment of application rate for accurate fertilizer and seed distribution. With adjustable spreading paddles, the Multi-Disc System (MDS) spreading discs are able to spread all types of granular fertilizer with high accuracy and wide spreading patterns. In addition, they will also quickly and accurately spread cover crop seed.

The MDS 10.1 and 12.1 have narrow dimensions for easier use in orchards and vineyards, without the risk of damaging crops. Design features, such as the broken hopper angles of the MDS 10.1, allow use in ultra-narrow row applications.

The MDS 17.1 and 19.1 models are intended for diversified farms and have maximum capacities of 55.75 and 62.75 cubic feet, respectively. These high loads, coupled with the flexible hopper extension system, ensure ultimate performance.

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