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Landsman® 6205

Landsman® 6205
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Product Description

Maximize Crop Yield Potential and Productivity

Utilizing a unique 4-step tillage system, the Landsman® offers unmatched productivity with a 6-bar frame for non-stop residue handling. Sizes to 45’ produce up to 400 acres per day of ideal seedbed.

The KUHN Krause Landsman® 6205 delivers excellent residue flow handling capability, soil mixing, conditioning and leveling in one pass. Exclusive Excalibur® VT blades with 32-flute edge uniformly size residue for smooth flow through the machine. The gang, angled 8 degrees toward the rear of the machine, minimizes lateral soil movement to improve the leveling action of the shanks. The 24/7® leveling systems increase yield potential through better seedbed condition and increase productivity with non-stop farming.

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