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Product Description

The Final Cut™ FPX9000 bale processor combines cutting consistency, speed and versatility to provide true fine-cut capability and a rapid processing time. Control when you process feed and produce an optimal material size for feed-mixing purposes to help increase feed efficiency in your cattle.

The FPX9000 bale processor delivers a consistent, average cut length of 1.25 in-4 in (3.2 cm-10.2 cm) by passing through multiple cutting points. Putting 60 knives on each rotor provides an optimal amount of contact with the bale to produce a consistent cut length from start to finish. This allows for faster mixing with a TMR, as well as better particle size to aid feed efficiency in your cattle.

Process the amount of feed you want, when you need it. And with the optional automatic bale feed system, you can help improve the efficiency of processing the bales. The FPX9000 bale processor is ready for windrow or bunk feeding — or processing material into a bunker or other storage item for mixing rations later. Plus, an optional powered sidewall gives you the versatility to process round or square bales.

Cutting consistency for increased feed efficiency. Consistent speed for quicker processing. With the Final Cut FPX9000 bale processor, you have final say over how the job gets done.

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