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Balzer Corn Shredder

Balzer Corn Shredder
Balzer Corn Shredder
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Product Description

Balzer Corn Shredders are designed for corn and grass residue with an aerodynamically designed hood to increase chopping action without requiring extra power or fuel. These Corn Shredders are available in various configurations such as End Drive, Center Drive, Windrow, BT Corn End Drive as well as many different options for the best performance in your conditions.

Key Features:

Constant velocity PTO allows for tight turns without drive shaft chatter

Adjustable spring loaded belt idler

200 horsepower gearbox with end shafts that are hardened and splined for less wear and maintenance

External grease bank allows bearings to be greased without having to remove any shields

Heavy duty u-joints reduce drive shaft misalignment

Re-cutter bar uses vacuum action to pull stalks up into the machine to be cut again by bar for maximum shredding efficiency

Knives are heat treated for durability and extra strength

Skid plate prevents machine from bottoming out and keep knives and rotor out of the elements

Available Configurations:

Full-mounted conventional with floating three-point hitch mount

Pull-type conventional which pulls behind the tractor from the drawbar and is easy to attach and detach

Semi-mounted conventional which combines the advantages of the pull-type and full-mounted units allowing a zero-turning radius with no PTO chatter

Windrow style available in pull-type or full-mounted and can also function as a conventional style shredder

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