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919 Brand Alfalfa by NexGrow

919 MF Gold Brand Alfalfa by NexGrow
919 MF Gold Brand Alfalfa by NexGrow
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Product Description

NEXGROW® alfalfa, a brand equipped to deliver the traits and technology you need — now and in the future. NEXGROW® alfalfa varieties bring the top potential yields, high forage quality and the exceptional persistence you demand. Choose from a full line-up of dormant conventional alfalfa varieties carrying proven NEXGROW® alfalfa genetics. SELECTING A DORMANT CONVENTIONAL VARIETY Knowing your geography, climate and preferred cutting schedule are crucial in selecting a proper alfalfa variety. Growers seeking to maximize cuttings and those on a 26- to 30-day cutting schedule should opt for varieties with higher fall dormancy ratings. Higher fall dormancy varieties tend to green-up faster in the spring and continue growing later in the fall. This extra growth period and trusted NEXGROW® alfalfa genetics could make the difference when making one additional cutting. When selecting a value-priced performer, consider 919® alfalfa, a favorite of dairymen and hay producers in 3-cut systems. 919® alfalfa is blended for good yield potential, winterhardiness and strong resistance to key diseases. Unlike many other lower cost alfalfas, 919® alfalfa is treated with Apron XL® for early disease protection. Alfalfa is All We Do High yield potential, quality and outstanding persistence are all essential qualities for long alfalfa stands. NEXGROW® alfalfa varieties enable growers to plant “full season” alfalfa varieties without sacrificing winterhardiness or forage quality. To learn more about NEXGROW® alfalfa, talk to your local Syngenta retailer, seed advisor or visit plantNEXGROW.com. 919®

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