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3/4"-100% RUBBER MAT

3/4"-100% RUBBER MAT
3/4"-100% RUBBER MAT
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Product Description

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Humane cow mats are covered under a 12-year limited warranty. These mats are unconditionally guaranteed by the manufacturer for three (3) years. Should a mat fail within this period, the manufacturer will replace it free of charge. For failure during the balance of warranty period, the manufacturer provides a prorated guarantee, based on prices current at time of replacement. This warranty applies to materials only and does not include delivery or labor.

Humane 100% Rubber Cow Mats are thicker, heavier, better designed and more economical than most other mats

3/4" Thick — considerably heavier than most other mats — best insulation over cold concrete

Flat on both sides — heavy mat clings to concrete — edges do not curl up

Textured, non-skid, non-porous surface ... surer footing than smooth surface mats. Not slippery, even when wet

Greater resiliency than more expensive hard mats

Cushion comfort provides cow knee, hock and udder protection — increases milk, fat and meat production — reduces veterinarian bills. Farmers have often found mats to be the solution to cow foot problems, after unsuccessfully trying foot baths and other remedies

Ideal for show cattle and old cows — many farmers find their old cows will milk longer and get up easier on mats

Easier to clean — no ribs to collect manure — reduces bacteria growth

Saves 80% or more on bedding — reduces time and effort spent producing, storing and spreading bedding — cow mats will quickly pay for themselves

Easy to install — for new free and tie stall barns, mats can be cemented in place. For existing barns, mats can be anchored on top of cement (see instructions). Mats can be cut to size

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