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TR001 The Defender

TR001 The Defender
TR001 The Defender
Item# TR001

Product Description

The Defender is a beautiful, air-tight, plate steel wood burning stove with nickel-pewter trim that accents a charcoal black finish. A heavy cast iron door with an air washed ceramic glass allows a magnificent view of the burning fire that will enhance any hearth setting. Here's how it works: The primary air inlet at the front of the stove ignites the wood upon start up. Once burning, the secondary air inlet at the rear of the firebox feeds air to the top of the stove through three (3) ignition tubes directly above the wood. The result is that you have ignition, or fire, at the bottom and at the top of the woodstove which, in effect, consumes the wood. This is a very efficient method of getting the most energy possible out of the wood that you are burning.


Burns several hours on one fueling

Accepts logs up to 17" in length

Adjustable legs

Cast iron feed door with large 14.5" x 8" ceramic glass window

Heavy gauge 3/16" reinforced plate steel with firebrick lining

Adjustable high speed (100 CFM) blower (optional)

Pewter trim accents

Over 75% efficient

Blower included


Heats up to 1,200 square feet.

Up to 68,000 BTUs.

Product dimensions: 25.5" L (w/blower) x 21" L (w/o blower) x 23.5" W x 28" H

Weight: 265 lbs.

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