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MDS 14.2
MDS 14.2
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Product Description

MDS 14.2

The MDS 14.2 fertiliser spreader is specially designed for vineyards, orchards and market gardens. It is just the right size and shape to weave effortlessly in and out of row plantations.The MDS 14.2 has an overall width of 1.40 m and a hopper from 800 to 1,400 litres, so it is specially adapted to wide vines and orchards.

A spreading limiter on 2 rows directs the fertiliser to the base of the crop for working in vineyards and orchards. Standard 10 to 18 m spreading discs (18 to 24 m as an option), provide more spreading versatility in the open field.

Half-width shut-off comes as standard to give you increased spreading precision. In terms of operating, the following outlet controls are available: single or double-acting hydraulic version, electric or electronic with DPAE regulation via the QUANTRON A control box (compatible with variable rate application in manual mode or by GPS). Outlet controls are interchangeable so the user can choose the ones most adapted to the hydraulic valves as well as the investment desired.

The graduated scales have been positioned at the front of the machine to make them directly visible from the tractor cab. The status of the machine can be viewed by the driver in a matter of seconds, for optimum spreading safety. As is the case on all fertiliser spreaders, the graduated scale is proportional to the flow rate thanks to the patented D.F.C. system (Direct Flow Control). To increase the rate by 20%, just increase the opening stop by 20% (the same percentage). The setting is fast and simple and does not require proceeding with another flow test.

Max. effective load (kg) 1400

Working width (m) between 10 and 24

Capacity (min.) (l) 800

Capacity (max.) (l) 1400

Hopper width without extension fitted (cm) 140

Max. effective load (lb/kg) 1760

Weight approx. (kg) 220

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