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Lumax EZ Corn Herbicide

Lumax EZ
Lumax EZ
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Product Description

Growers looking to maximize corn yield potential turn to Lumax® EZ herbicide for superior residual weed control, multiple modes of action and a flexible application window. Lumax EZ demonstrates the same excellent performance and crop safety customers have grown to expect from market-leading Lumax herbicide, with the added benefit of improved handling.

Its patented, capsule-suspension technology minimizes the effects of overwintering, decreases the amount of separation and minimizes residue in bulk tanks and sprayers. Field trials have confirmed that Lumax EZ performs equally to Lumax for corn safety and weed control. •Application Flexibility. ◦Lumax EZ is the best opportunity for one-pass weed control in corn, but for growers planning a two-pass program, Lumax EZ widens the window of application for a post-emergence application of a Touchdown® brand + Callisto® Xtra herbicide or Halex® GT herbicide if needed. ◦Lumax EZ can be applied from pre-plant up to 12-inch corn. Several new corn herbicide brands, introduced by the competition, do not have this flexibility. •Burndown and Residual. Lumax EZ offers longer-lasting residual of more broadleaf weeds and grasses than competitive herbicides. •Yield Potential Protection. Lumax EZ keeps fields clean early in the season when weeds can be most damaging to yield. By managing early-season weeds, nutrients and fertilizers will help protect yield and grow more corn. •Weed Resistance Management. Where glyphosate is not performing like it used to, Lumax EZ contains three effective modes of action to decrease dependence on glyphosate. ◦Lumax EZ is a Resistance Fighter™ herbicide containing three effective modes of action, which help manage weed biotypes tolerant or resistant to glyphosate, ALS-inhibiting, PPO and triazine herbicides •Excellent crop safety for pre and post applications even in adverse weather conditions

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