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Product Description

Also known as the "Portafence", the Gallagher B11 is a great small-scale portable fence charger. Perfect for small paddocks or temporary fences like the Smart Fence, the B11 provides enough shock to keep your electric-trained horses where you want them. The B11 runs off six "D" batteries or a single 12V external battery, whichever fits your needs best.

Powers up to 6 acres or 0.6 miles of multi-wire fence

Stores 0.11 Joules of energy.

Compact and portable case, designed to enclose 6 D-cell batteries

Built-in indicator light flashes with each pulse

Can be used with a 12-volt, deep-cycle battery

Battery Save mode

12-volt battery leads included

Batteries not included

Miles Single-Wire Fence: 1.8 mi

Miles Mult-Wire Fence: 0.6 mi

Approx. Acreage: 6 acres

Stored Energy: 0.11 joules

Output Energy: 0.08 joules

Voltage Rating: 7 kV

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