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Continuous Fencing

Continuous Fencing
Continuous Fencing
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Product Description

Same Strong Steel as our Bull Gates
Available in Either 2" Heavy Duty or 1 3/4" Medium Duty Steel Tube
5-Rail Makes a 5' Tall Fence, 6-Rail Makes a 6' Tall Fence
Makes a Great Fence in Your High Pressure Areas
Makes an Attractive Driveway Fence
Accessories Available: Posts, Brackets, Corners, End Caps & Gates

5 Rail- 46" High
6 Rail - 57" High
Rails are 12" on Center, 20' 2" Long
All Joints are Saddle Cut and Fully Welded for Extra Strength

When you decide to build steel corrals, or if you want a solid pen to hold animals, get Trail Hand Continuous Fencing. This fence is designed to keep your animals contained - period!

To install your fence just lay it out, set your posts, fit the panel into your previous one and clamp it into place. You can cut the panels to fit tight spaces. The simple design allows you to be creative when laying out your fence.

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