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The Husqvarna 356BT low noise technology is a revolutionary new concept for blowers. Noise dampening material within the housing and an innovative exhaust tube reduce the decibel rating on the 356BT to an amazing 64 dB(A). Top class blowing performance is provided by the E-TECH® II engine which facilitates better power and lower emissions. The Husqvarna 356BT is equipped with a tube-mounted throttle control.

Cylinder displacement 51.7 cm³

Power output 3.2 hp

Maximum power speed 6000 rpm

Fuel tank volume 50.72 fl oz

Idling speed 2300 rpm

Electrode gap 0.02 in

Spark plug NGK BPMR7A

Fuel consumption 400 g/kWh

Engine Family CARB DHVXS.0525AC

Engine Family EPA DHVXS.0525AC

Air flow in housing 766.33 cfm

Air flow in pipe 473.22 cfm

Air speed 177 mph

Air filter type Foam

Tube diameter 60 mm

Weight 10.4 kg

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