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2023 Super 8 50X Gray/Green

2023 Super 8 50X Gray/Green
2023 Super 8 50X Gray/Green
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Product Description

2023 Super 8 50X Gray/Green

Price includes shipping and set-up

This scooter was designed for the rider who needs a hard-working vehicle for on-and-off-road adventures.

102.1 miles per gallon est. (based on EPA data)

High front fender clearance + Dual-purpose tires

Heavy-duty shrouds to reduce scratching and breakage

Naked-styled handlebars for a sporty, dirt bike appearance

Helmet locking posts

Baggage hook and luggage carrier

Flip-Up back rest can be used as a passenger seat

Passenger foot pads

Lockable under seat storage

Moped legal in many states Instrumentation: Digital Speedometer, Odometer & Fuel Gauge

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